Monday, August 22, 2011


School started a few weeks ago, but with how crazy things are around here I am just posting it now. Tyler started Kindergarten this year and is so excited to be in the big school. He starts full days this week and is most excited about being able to have lunch there. He is even having hot lunch like his big brother. Kyle started third grade this year and was very excited to go back, especially because his new best friend (next door neighbor) is in his class and they get to sit by each other.... we will see how long that lasts :-) It is nice to see Kyle comfortable and at ease, so happy that he doesn't have to start in a new school this year. Just one of the many reasons we are so thankful Kelly was accepted into SAMS. It is so fun to see the kiddos grow up. It definitely pulls at my heart strings though because the time just seems to be flying by. I remember like yesterday when Kyle was Kaitlyn's size! So proud of Kyle and Tyler and the young men they are turning into!

With their first day of school I wanted to make sure that they had something special to come home to, so Grammy and I made a school bus cake. I got the idea from my favorite magazine, Family Fun! The cake was super easy and the kids loved it.

Not sure what type of fun Ryan and Kaitlyn and I are going to have with the whole day to ourselves, well until 3:30 that is. I am sure we can find some trouble to get into :-)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kaitlyn Kaye Boian

She is finally here!!! Kaitlyn Kaye Boian was born on July 27 at 1058 am. She weighed in at 7lbs 15 oz and was 20 inches long. She is perfect!!!! The boys fell in love with her from first sight. Kyle and Tyler have been over the moon since we found out that we were having a baby girl, but I wasn't so sure how Ryan was going to react. There was absolutely no reason to worry because he is infatuated with his baby sister. He wants to hug her, hold her, comb her hair, kiss her and even share his fishy snacks (which never happens). It is so incredibly sweet. The boys have been amazing since bringing little miss home. They even set up a little birthday party for her, full of pink balloons, princess plates and cups and of course a beautiful cupcake stand!!! Thanks Papa and Grammy for making that happen. It sure was a nice surprise coming home from the hospital!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Freckle Nose

Well Kelly and I celebrated our 11th anniversary just last week and Kelly surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which sit proudly in the middle of our dining room table. Well at breakfast the other day Tyler said, "Mom that flower looks just like me." I was a little confused and asked what he meant and he said "Look it has freckles just like me!" I swear that little boy (well not so little anymore) can always make me smile!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crazy Couple of Months

Greetings From the Boians!!!!!

December was an absolutely crazy month but who am I kidding it has been crazy (good crazy) since Kelly made it home in October! It seemed like November just flew by and it was time to make the move from Idaho to Kansas. I don't think any of us wanted to leave but that is the Army! So we spent Thanksgiving with my sister and then on the 1st of December started the move to Fort Leavenworth. We were very fortunate and missed most of the ugly weather. We were able to move into housing fairly quickly, which has made it nice. The house is pretty small, yes smaller than Irwin! I think the rooms might be a little bit bigger and we do have a basement, which we had originally thought we would use as storage/playroom, but like most kids they don't want to be down there by themselves. I just keep telling just for a year!!!! I wasn't looking forward to going to Irwin either and it turned out to be an amazing place for our family! You never know what the future holds.
December is a crazy month for us with the bustle of the holidays but we also have 2 birthdays, Ryan and Tyler. Tyler turned five and Ryan turned two! It was a little crazy celebrating this year because we were still up to our necks in boxes but I think the kids had a great time regardless!

Tyler asked for the Spiderman Cake and Ryan is in love with Buzz and the rest of the Toy Story gang!
We have gotten a bunch of snow over the last month! Kyle has been out of school more than he has been in! The kids are loving the snow and being able to sled. We didn't get much snow in Kuna last year so this is the first time the kids have had actual snow to play in!!
I think that about catches us up!! Kelly is home, we made the move from Idaho to Kansas, Kelly started his Masters, boys are in school..... Oh yeah one more thing..... we are expecting number 4 August 2nd!!!!! Hope this finds everybody doing well!!!!! I will catch you all later!!!!
The Boian Family

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!

The boys and I planted a garden this spring. We weren't sure what would grow and what wouldn't because a few days after we planted Kuna had a nice rainstorm which flooded our garden. We thought most of the seeds had been washed away, but as you can see from the picture that definitely wasn't the case with the pumpkins!!!
Once we got the pumpkins home, Kelly did what Kelly does best and he got creative! Is it sad when your husband is more creative and crafty than you are?? Anyway, I am so glad he is the way he is or the boys would be without their awesome carved pumpkins each year and of course their awesome birthday cakes, but that is for a different post. Here are the pumpkins Kelly carved. He did it free hand, which totally impresses me!

Once the pumpkins were carved and dinner was finished it was time to get their costumes on, which equals total chaos in our house. Kyle and Tyler were super excited about getting ready but Ryan wasn't completely sure. He absolutely hates wearing a jacket, so putting on a one piece sweatshirt wasn't too much fun for him. I tried to tell him he lives in Idaho now (at least for the moment) and he needs a jacket. Once we got it on he was fine and quickly became a huge fan of trick or treating.
Little Chewbacca

Commander Cody (Star Wars)... masks didn't make it back from last year :-(

Commander Fox

Three of the cutest Star Wars guys ever!!! Not sure what all the saluting is but they were all doing it. I was just happy they were looking at the camera! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still in Georgia

Well we are still at Ft. Stewart with Kelly and just waiting on the Army to cut him some orders so we can go on leave and head back to Idaho for a little while until we PCS to Ft. Leavenworth, KS in December. The boys and I were suppose to fly out today, but neither Kelly or I were enjoying the idea of being apart again, so here we are in Georgia with 3 little boys in a hotel room. I don't think it can get more chaotic than that, but it is nice that we are all together!! If we are here much longer I might change my tune though :-)

We have been busy since Kelly came home, visiting Jekyll Island, Atlanta Aquarium and then a short trip up to visit my brother and his family in South Carolina, where we went to a Corn Maze and the state fair! Lots of fun!!!! Although we are having lots of fun I think we are all ready for some normalcy again. I thrive on routine much like the boys and we haven't seen that for a while. I will try and keep everyone updated on the situation here at Fort Stewart!! Enjoy the pictures.

Jekyll Island

The boys had so much fun playing in the sand and water! Tyler had more sand and dirt on him than the other two boys combined. Ryan and Tyler were literally laying down in the water and letting the waves wash over them. It was so much fun watching them.... it was like it was their first trip to the ocean!!!! Kyle took it all in stride.... been there, done that sort of thing! He had a lot of fun though too, playing football with Dad and Papa. Doesn't get much better than that for Kyle!

Fun Times at the Fair and Pool

We were able to spend a weekend with my brother and his family in South Carolina! The boys had so much fun! I think they may have been on a sugar high all weekend from the cotton candy and jumbo lemonades :-) It was great getting to spend some time with Pat and Jeannie and of course my niece and nephew! We all wish we lived a little closer!

Until next time.......

Friday, October 15, 2010

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